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Colton is a small village in Staffordshire, a mile North of Rugeley. It boasts a long and vibrant history, with many people, traditions and buildings of historic merit. This web site has been produced by the Colton History Society. It has been created to share the work of the group with the villagers and with anyone else who has an interest in the area. We have presented the information we have researched as themes that are listed in the navigation bar and from the links below. We hope you enjoy the visit and welcome your views and contributions.
 Image: View of the entrance to the village of Colton
The Village as you enter over Moreton Brook. This is a 19th. Century photograph from the History Society Archives.
Sickness and Health
Find out about the health of our Victorian ancestors.
The village church is a key aspect of the story of Colton, find out why…
Education & Employment
Find out how the village has learnt and earned over the centuries…
The Society
Find out about the Colton History Society and how you can make history!
People of Note
The famous, the infamous, rich and the not so rich, all from Colton.
Buildings of Note
A village this old has many buildings of historic importance.
The Society has a programme of evening lectures.
Follow this link to further links of historical relevance and interest!
History of the Village
A history that goes back to well before the Norman Conquest.
For an overview of Colton and area through the ages.
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