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Education in Colton and St Mary’s School

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Archaeological Survey of Colton

Archaeological Dig in Colton

WWII Plane Crash in Colton

The School Clock Restoration

The Time Capsule Project


Questions about specific people and families who have lived in Colton…

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More details on particular people

Fredric Bonney

Memorial Inscriptions We have put memorial inscriptions of those buried in the village church yard and burial grounds in the people section above by surname. The following site contains memorial inscriptions by gravestone along with pictures of the church. This site was constructed and maintained by persons not associated with the Colton History Society so we are unable to authenticate its accuracy. [1]

Colton Book

Questions and comments about the history society book…

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Aural Records

As part of the Time Capsule Project we wish to record the experiences and recollections of residents. If you have lived in the parish for many years and would like to contribute please contact a committee member.

You can find some video’s of Colton residents on the Video’s tab.

Help Wanted

From time to time we get requests for information about family members and other events which took place within the parish. Sometimes we are unable to assist. You may be able to contribute. Look at the Help Wanted page for our latest requests.

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