The School Clock Restoration

The School Clock Restoration

Original State of Clock

Restored Front

One of our members, John Carter, found parts of a clock in a villagers garden along with a bag of gears and odd bits. It was going to be scrapped. After investigation it was found to be the School Clock. It had been taken out of the school tower several years ago as it was a seven day movement and had to be wound by hand. It was replaced by an electric clock. It appeared to have suffered significant damage when the chime mechanism failed. The, very heavy, weight causing teeth to shred, gears to bend and pins to shatter. The History Society and the Colton Lands Trust contributed to the cost of restoration.

Restored Gears

Restored Escape mechanism

John knew a local clock restorer and took the bag of bits to him. After several months and a lot of work the clock was restored. The cracked frame was repinned, gears were straightened, pins were replaced, and the winding cable renewed. Only one part was missing and had to be replaced. Eventually we hope to put the clock back into the School or some other prominent place in the village.

The Clock was made in 1863 by Rugeley Clock Makers Thomas Gilbert of Rugeley. Information about Thomas Gilbert and his family can be found under G in the people section of this wiki.