Died on  ? 1871 Buried on 16-Sept 1871 Age 20 years

YATES Arthur Sandford Tatham

Died on  ? 1850 Buried on 27-Dec 1850 Age 3 months


YATES Benjamin

Died on 27-Mar 1887 Buried on  ? Age 70 years New Burial Ground


YATES Bessie

School Log Book

09/12/1901 Is away taking her K.S’ paper in Birmingham. (p 470)

21/04/1900 Passed First Class (no 14) in Religious Knowledge Exam (p 446)

YATES Charles

Died on 11-May 1951 Buried on  ? Age 64 years New Burial Ground

YATES Elizabeth Emily

School Log Book

31/05/1901 Passed Religious Knowledge exam First Class. (p 461)

08/03/1902 Obtained Second Class at K.S. Exam (2nd division). (p 474)

YATES Emily Jane

Died on 21-Jul 1977 Buried on  ? Age 80 years New Burial ground

Wife of Harold

YATES George

Died on  ? 1851 Buried on 11-Feb 1851 Age 28 years


YATES Harold

Died on 24-Nov 1964 Buried on  ? Age 72 years New Burial Ground

YATES Harriet Jane

Died on  ? 1830 Buried on 01-May 1830 Age Infant


Died on 03-Apr 1839 Buried on 08-Apr 1839 Age 59 years

Colton Newlands

YATES Lizzie

School Log Book.

30/03/1893 Application made to Department for L Yates to sit Queens’ Scholarship Examination. (page 3240

01/05/1893 sat for Freehand Drawing at Lichfield. (page 325)

12/10/1893 E Yates has passed the Queens’ Scholarship in the 2nd Division (2203) She is also placed in Div. II for Religious Knowledge. (appointed Assistant) (page 331)

22/04/1895 On Saturday last L Yates read and recites before Mr roe at Walsall. (page 359)

25/04/1895 name sent in to the department for Certificate Examination in June. (page 359)

24/06/1895 is away this week, sitting at the Birmingham centre for her Certificate (1st Year Papers) The master is taking her standards. (page 361)


Died on 22-Apr 1939 Buried on  ? Age 55 years New Burial ground

YATES Richard

Died on  ? 1851 Buried on 21-Apr 1851 Age 27 years

YATES Sandford

Died on  ? 1844 Buried on 24-Jul 1844 Age 11 years

YATES Samuel

Died on 27-May 1933 Buried on  ? Age 54 years New Burial Ground


Died on  ? 1837 Buried on 10-Sept 1837 Age Infant


Died on  ? 1855 Buried on 29-Jan 1855 Age 55 years


Born Oct 22 1871 Died on 09-Apr 1905 Buried on  ? Age 24 years New Burial Ground

YATES William

Died on  ? 1868 Buried on 22-May 1868 Age 51 years

YATES Walter

Born Feb 12 Died on 31-Dec 1897 Buried on  ? Age ? New Burial Ground

YATES William

Died on  ? 1869 Buried on 29-May 1869 Age 58 years

YATES William

Born Dec 14 1868 Died on 16-Apr 1902 Buried on  ? Age  ? New Burial Ground

YATES William Edgar

William Edgar Yates, a member of a very old Colton family, was baptised in December 1897 at Colton Church. His father was a butcher and they lived at Bank House where the slaughter house was also situated. His father died at a young age and by the time of William Edgar’s death his mother had re-married and was living in Birmingham. He enlisted with the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry as a private in the 1st battalion. William Edgar was killed in action in 3 September 1915 and is buried in No 2 Cemetery La Binque, Ypres.

Casualty Details – from the Commonwealth War Graves Web Site

Initials: W E
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Private
Regiment/Service: King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
Unit Text: 1st Bn.
Age: 17
Date of Death: 30/09/1915
Service No: 17367
Additional information: Son of Agnes Fryer (formerly Yates), of 177, Ladypool Rd., Sparkbrook, Birmingham, and the late William Yates. Native of Colton, Rugeley.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: I. O. 37.

YATES Winifred

Date of Birth May 1893. Parents: William and Agnes. Fathers occupation: Butcher.

Elder sister of William Yates. Her two aunties taught at St Mary’s.

Address Bank House. On Miss Mansell Class Photograph 1898. 1898 Miss Mansell and her class