St Mary’s Church History

The following are extracts from a series of articles published in the Colton Parish magazine by Marie Havelock.

What is the oldest, still used building in Colton? It is St Marys Church.

Evidence shows that a church has been present from the late 12th and early 13th Century.

You do not have to be a regular visitor to the church to appreciate the beauty and serenity. I am pleased that the church is now open every Saturday morning for visitors to enjoy this little gem of English faith. A cup of coffee is also available if you so wish.

The book ‘ Colton History of a Staffordshire Village ‘ produced by the History Society gives a short insight into the church history, but I hope to emphasise on just a few areas that may encourage, and hopefully interest you in visiting our lovely heritage.

It is hoped that ‘Paddle boards’ with relevant written information can be produced in the future; this will enable people to read and see the history of Saint Mary’s. All this will take time but a wealth of local knowledge and the participation of Colton people, will, I hope, be of interest to both residents and visitors. In the meantime someone should be available in the church every Saturday who can offer help.

As a recent newcomer to Colton I am pleased that I have retired to such a lovely village that encompasses a feeling of old England, and people are dedicated to retaining its identity. The school, the pubs, the village hall and all its activities are well used by the residents. The church is an integral part of the village and I hope that interest will be generated and people will want to visit and enjoy our lovely building of English Faith and Heritage.

So watch this space and be prepared to say “well I never knew that, let’s go and see.”

I am also open to suggestions and information.

Marie Havelock