Education in Colton and St Mary’s School

The children of Colton have had the opportunity to go to school since 1764 when the first school was established in the village. Endowments by local Colton people enabled the present school to be built in 1863 and education has flourished here ever since.

Over the centuries Colton people have been employed in many trades and crafts such as glass making, brick making, shoe making, tanning as well as the rural industries surrounding the farming that has always been the main employment of this community until more recent times times.

A History of Education in Colton

The School Log Book

The School Clock Restoration

Photographs of Colton school children

A series of photographs over the last 100 years or so of classes at St Mary’s school and visits or events. If you can identify pupils, some of whom may be your grandparents, or events please edit the page or send us an email with the information and we will enter it for you.

1894 Full Attendance Pupils

1898 Miss Mansell and her class

1908 Class

1908 First Class

1920 Class

1920 Newspaper entry

Class unknown date We think this is WW2 evacuees to the Rugeley area and St Mary’s School

1955 Dovedale Outing Group of girls having lunch on bench

1955 July Group of six girls

197? Class Unknown Date (Mrs Hiesley Head)

1983 March Mrs Hiesley (Head Teacher) Retirement

1983 Class 1 Harvest Festival

1983 Class 2 Harvest Festival

1983 Class 3 Harvest Festival

1989 School Visit to Alrewas