DALE Samuel

Died on  ? 1861 Buried on 06-Jan 1861 Age 60 years

DALE Sarah

Died on ? 1886 Buried on  ? Age 71 years Closed Burial Ground

DALE Steven Thomas

Died on  ? Buried on  ? Age 5 months Closed Burial Ground

DAVIES Elizabeth Marjorie

Died on 10-Oct 1917 Buried on  ? Age 29 years Closed Burial Ground


Died on  ? 1828 Buried on 20-Mar 1828 Age 3 years


Died on ? 1828 Buried on 22-Dec 1828 Age 6 years

DAVISON Elizabeth

Died on  ? 1831 Buried on 22-Jun 1831 Age 40 years


Died on ? 1833 Buried on 29-Nov 1833 Age 41


Died on  ? 1835 Buried on 23-Dec 1835 Age 16years Stafford

DAY Albert

School Log Book: 15/01/1877 admitted formally from Blithfield.

DAY Eli Henry

Born 1864, Bridgewater, Somerset. Occupation: Gardener not domestic.

Wife Annie, born 1865 Stone House, Plymouth, Devonshire.

Children Fredrick, Perciful, Reginald Florence and Eleanor.

Address Brook Street

Died on 07-Apr 1905 Buried on  ? Age 40 years Closed Burial Ground

DAY Florence Emma

Date of Birth 1890. Parents: Henry, born 1864, Bridgewater, Somerset and Annie, born 1865 Stone House, Plymouth, Devonshire. Fathers occupation: Gardener not domestic.

Brothers: Fredrick, Perciful Reginald and Frank. Sister: and Eleanor.

Address Brook Street School Log Book

11/09/1901 Presented with Scripture prize. (p 465)

15/04/1902 Has diphtheria (p 476)

1/02/1904 Engaged as probationers. (p 499)

14/03/1904 Exam in Stafford to become Pupil Teacher (p 450)

8/03/1904 Confirmation at Blithfield Church (p 501)

06/06/1905 Passed Pupil Teacher Exam. Probationer 1st Class

14/12/1905 Indenture signed, binding her as Pupil Teacher for 3 years. (p 15)

24/05/1906 First year Pupil Teacher has obtained a First Class in the Diocesan Exam in Religious Knowledge. (p20)

14/09/1907 Obtained First Class at the recent Exams in Religious Knowledge. (p 33)

01/11/1907 Pupil Teacher, normally on the staff, but attending the Stafford Centre full time. (p33)

17/07/1908 Absent all week, sitting for Birmingham Matriculation which carries with it a Scholarship of £10 per annum offered by Staffs Education Committee. (p 42)

23/07/1908 Absent yesterday taking the Botany Exams. She has passed part ii of the Prelim: Cert: Exam with distinction in English (including literature) (p 42)

31/08/1908 Completed her apprenticeship and left the school. (p42)

DAY Frank

Date of Birth 1897. Parents: Henry, born 1864, Bridgewater, Somerset and Annie, born 1865 Stone House, Plymouth, Devonshire. Fathers occupation: Gardener not domestic.

Brothers: Fredrick, Perciful and Reginald. Sisters: Florence and Eleanor.

Address Brook Street

School Log Book

12/02/1909 Awarded first prize for essay on Soap after the lecture by Rugeley ICS (p 49)

15/04/1909 Sat for Pupil Teacher Exhibition at the Technical School Stafford. Accompanied by the Head Teacher who paid all expenses. (p 52)

24/05/1909 Passed the County Exhibition Exam. and is being medically examined at Stafford today. (p 54)

28/06/1909 Obtained Pupil Teacher Exhibition. (p 55)

10/09/1909 Left for Rugeley Grammar School with County Scholarship. (p 58)

DAY Hannah

Died on  ? 1854 Buried on 08-Sept 1854 Age 36 years

DAY Reginald

Date of Birth May 1893. Parents: Henry and Annie. Fathers occupation: Gardener.

Address Brook Street. On Miss Mansell Class Photograph 1898. 1898 Miss Mansell and her class

DAY Rhoda

Died on  ? 1855 Buried on 30-Sept 1855 Age 9 years

DEACON Constance

Sub-postmistress of Colton for 26 yeas. Colton Post Office was situated at No 1 Martlin Cottages


Died on 07-Dec 1976 Buried on  ? Age ? Closed Burial Ground


Died on 09-Nov 1918 Buried on ? Age 18 years Closed Burial Ground TRS/88317 Corporal West Yorkshire Reg.

88317 Corporal John Deacon was a member of a large family who lived in the now demolished cottages at the entrance to Martlin Lane. The site of the cottages is the garden behind the telephone box. John’s father Thomas worked at the Tanyard in Rugeley and so did John before enlisting in the army. John served firstly in the North Staffordshire regiment and then he transferred to the 53rd battalion West Yorkshire Regiments. This was a young soldier’s battalion and John was an instructor. They were stationed in 1918 in the camps on Cannock Chase. Later the battalion moved to Clipstone camp in Nottinghamshire where along with many others John succumbed to the influenza epidemic. John died at the camp hospital on 9th November 1918. He is buried here at Colton. His gravestone is the only one in Colton cemetery of the Commonwealth War Graves design.


Died on  ? 1830 Buried on 19-Aug 1830 Age Infant


Died on  ? 1831 Buried on 18-Mar 1831 Age 60 years


Died on 15-Mar 1841 Buried on Age 60 years Wife of John

DEAKIN Charles

Died on  ? 1857 Buried on 10-May 1857 Age 6 months Colton


Died on  ? 1844 Buried on 25-Jul 1844 Age 48 years

DEAKIN Edwin Charles

Died on  ? 1849 Buried on 13-Jul 1849 Age Infant

DEAKIN Elizabeth

Died on ? 1844 Buried on 13-Jul 1844 Age 13 years

DEAKIN Elizabeth

Died on  ? 1847 Buried on 15-Feb 1847 Age 58 years


Died on  ? 1840 Buried on 30-Oct 1840 Age Infant


Died on ? 1861 Buried on 21-Apr 1861 Age 74 years


Died on  ? 1884 Buried on 08-Jul 1884 Age 34 years

DEAKIN Herbert

Died on ? 1865 Buried on 27-Feb 1865 Age 8 months


Died on  ? 1873 Buried on 14-Jun 1873 Age 77 years


Died on ? 1836 Buried on 14-Jan 1836 Age 62 years


Died on  ? 1843 Buried on 28-Aug 1843 Age 41 years


Died on ? 1845 Buried on 21-Jul 1845 Age 57 years


Died on  ? 1843 Buried on 04-Jan 1843 Age 30 years


Died on  ? 1838 Buried on 16-Sept 1838 Age 10 years


Died on ? 1870 Buried on 30-Jul 1870 Age 72 years


Died on  ? 1831 Buried on 04-Feb 1831 Age 6 years


Died on ? 1852 Buried on 31-Dec 1852 Age 2 years 11 months

DEAVOL Elizabeth

Died on  ? 1851 Buried on 30-Jun 1851 Age 43 years


Died on  ? 1847 Buried on 23-Apr 1847 Age Infant


Died on ? 1832 Buried on 09-Nov 1832 Age Infant

DEAVOLL Margaret

Died on  ? 1853 Buried on 05-Nov 1853 Age 74 years


School Log Book.

25/10/1893 left for Farm work at S Norman’s. He is qualified by age and attendance.

DEGG Caroline

Died on ? 1865 Buried on 12-Jan 1865 Age 25 years Lee Lane Colton

DEGG Charles

Died on  ? 1839 Buried on 23-Apr 1839 Age 13 years

DEGG Robert

Died on 1867 Buried on 16-Jan 1867 Age 78 years

DEGG Thomas

Died on  ? 1839 Buried on 25-Dec 1839 Age 22 years


Last Colton resident to act as post lady. Source: Colton History of a Staffordshire Village


Date of Birth Feb 1892. Parents: William and Maria. Fathers occupation: Farm Labourer.

Address Brook Street. On Miss Mansell Class Photograph 1898.


Died on  ? 1874 Buried on 21-Feb 1874 Age 16 months


Died on 31-Mar 1890 Buried on  ? Age 79 years Closed Burial Ground


Died on 24-Dec 1975 Buried on  ? Age 85 years Closed Burial Ground Husband of Emily

DEVALL Elizabeth

Died on  ? 1874 Buried on 25-Feb 1874 Age 3 years

DEVALL Emily Martha

Died on 21-Feb 1963 Buried on ? Age 72 years Closed Burial Ground

DEVALL Frederick

Died on 06-Mar 1902 Buried on ? Age 37 years Closed Burial Ground Son of Sarah and Thomas Devall

DEVALL Frederick Percy

Date of Birth Jan 1893. Parents: George and Emily. Fathers occupation: Labourer.

Had a younger brother George.

Address Brook Street. On Miss Mansell Class Photograph 1898.

DEVALL George Henry

53319 Private George Henry Devall was baptised at Colton in November 1880. His father worked at the Tan Yard in Rugeley. He enlisted at Lichfield at the outbreak of war in the Royal Army Medical Corps and was attached to the Royal Engineers telegraph construction service. He died from an illness on 31st January 1918 and is buried in the Aire Communal Cemetery in the Pas de Calais region of Northern France. Plot 1 Row G Grave 10


School Log Book

225/05/1910 returned to school from Rugeley Hospital. His arm is badly injured p70


Died on 26-May 1951 Buried on  ? Age 60 years Closed Burial Ground

DEVALL Margaret Elizabeth

Died on  ? 1874 Buried on 27-Feb 1874 Age Infant


Died on 20-Oct 1926 Buried on  ? Age 60 years Closed Burial Ground Wife of William


Died on 13-Oct 1904 Buried on  ? Age 76 years Closed Burial Ground


Died on 26-Feb 1913 Buried on  ? Age 91 years Closed Burial Ground Sexton at Colton for 34 years

DEVALL William

Died on 24-May 1938 Buried on ? Age 71 years Closed Burial ground Sexton at Colton for 35 years


Died on  ? 1835 Buried on 02-Jan 1835 Age Infant

DEVOL Charles

Died on  ? 1834 Buried on 10-Jul 1834 Age 16 years

DEVOL Charles?

Died on  ? 1835 Buried on 08-May 1835 Age 1 year


Died on  ? 1841 Buried on 24-Apr 1841 Age Infant


Died on  ? 1872 Buried on 03-Feb 1872 Age Infant


Died on  ? 1854 Buried on 01-Mar 1854 Age 41 years Died Stafford Lunatic Asylum


Died on ? 1863 Buried on 14-Aug 1863 Age 79 years


Died on 1863 Buried on 05-Dec 1863 Age 10 years


The DeWasteney Family

The great Domesday Record compiled for William the Conqueror to show the land holdings he had acquired at his conquest of England, shows that Colton was divided into two larger manors and one smaller one. They were given by William along with many other Manors to two great Norman Barons; Robert of Stafford and Roger of Montgomery. Robert of Stafford appears to have had as his tenant Geofrey (Goisfrid) whose family eventually assumed the name DeWasteney.

The family owned land in Lincolnshire and we are not sure when they first came to Colton but they appear to be well established in Colton by 1166 when the Black Roll of Exchequer states that Geoffrey is holding a water mill (presumably the one recorded in Domesday) and a manor.

In 1240 Sir William DeWasteney obtained a grant from King Henry III to hold a weekly market every Friday at his manor in Colton. This must have been of great importance to the village – a turning point in its history. In 1260’s Stephen DeWasteney appears to have been a supporter of Simon de Montford in the Barons uprising against the King because in 1267his name appears in the Patent Rolls as being granted a pardon by Henry III. By the late 1260’s the family appear to own most of Colton.

The family seem to have resided in Colton for many years because they appear in many deeds, land transactions and other matters. They remained the Lords of the main Manor of Colton until late in the 14th. Century when it passes by the marriage of Thomasine DeWasteney, sole heiress to the manor, to Nicholas of the Gresley family.


Died on 02-May 1866 Buried on 07-May 1866 Age 40 years Also her infant child Annabel

DICKIN Roger Howarth

Died on 1862 1862 Buried on 24-May 1862 Age 1 year Colton Hall

DIX Lizzie

Died on 05-Jan 1893 Buried on  ? Age 14 years Closed Burial Ground