10/02/1876 admitted formerly from Dames School.


Born Oct 1803

Died on 27-Apr 1883 Buried on  ? Age 80 YEARS New Burial Ground

OLDHAM Ellen Maud Harland

Died on 28-Jun 1956 Buried on  ? Age 86 years New Burial Ground

OLDHAM Riland Wolseley

Died on  ? 1866 Buried on 20-Feb 1866 Age 25 years

Grandson J.Oldham Oldham

OLDHAM OLDHAM Charles Skinner Dansy

Died on 09-Jan 1930 Buried on  ? Age 73 years New Burial Ground


Died on  ? 1857 Buried on 21-Feb 1857 Age 77 years

Bellamour Hall Colton

OVAM Percy

School Log Book

14/01/1913 removed to Isolation Hospital. (Scarlet fever) Dr McVittie has ordered Howard to stay from school for three weeks. (He stayed close on four weeks) p115


Date of Birth Sept 1897. Parents: Fred and Annie. Fathers occupation: School Master. Sisters Dorothea and Mary Address Elm Cottage.

School Log Book

15/04/1909 Sat for Minor (d) Scholarship at the Technical School Stafford. Accompanied by the Head Teacher who paid all expenses. (p 52)

24/05/1909 A pupil in this school, has been awarded a Minor (d) County Scholarship, being seventh in order of merit for the whole county. (45 awarded)

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It is beleived that Donald emigrated to Australia but later returns to England.

OVENDEN Dorothea

Date of Birth Sept 1893. Parents: Fred and Annie. Fathers occupation: School Master. Brother Donald Sister Mary Address Elm Cottage.

Dorothea was born in 1894 in Colton and by 1898 is a pupil at Colton United School.

The following extract from the school log books give information about her academic achievements.

1900 July 12th and 1901 September 11th Dorothea is one of a group of pupils presented with a scripture prize. p449 p 465

1905 May 30th List received from Stafford showing that Dorothea Ovenden , pupil in this school, has passed Minor D Scholarship (County) Exam. (2nd on list for Rural Schools) p 10

1905 September 18th Dorothea Ovenden left for St Mary’s School, Abbots Bromley. p 13

1907 May 26th Dorothea, formally a pupil at this school but now at St Mary’s Abbots Bromley , has obtained ‘Pupil Teacher’ Exhibitions. P29

1907 September 16th Dorothea is continuing at S Mary’s Abbots Bromley, under a county PT Exhibition. P 33

1909 February 5th Dorothea Ovenden who passed from this school to Abbots Bromley with a County Scholarship has obtained First Class Honours in the Cambridge Junior Exams with Distinction in Divinity, English, History, Geography and Music. P 48

1909 February 8th Letter from Graham Balfour Esq. Saying that the Educ. Comm. Have decided to specially renew Dorothea Ovenden’s Exhibition for one year. i.e till July 31st 1910, when she must become a pupil Teacher for one year. P49

1910 February 3rd Dorothea Ovenden, a former pupil in this school has passed the Cambridge Senior Exam (2nd Class Honours, Distinctions Divinity, English) p 64

1910 August 22nd A letter was received from the Staff. Educ. Comm. On Aug 16 stating that the Pupil Teacher Dorothea Ovenden, is to attend the Stafford Girls High School whole time till Easter 1911 and to teach in the elementary School whole time from Easter to July 1911. P 74

1910 September 20th The pupil Teacher, Dorothea Ovenden, commenced at the Stafford Girls High School. She is to attend there full time until Easter 1911. P 75

1911 April 24th Dorothea Ovended commenced full time teaching in the School during the remainder of her apprenticeship as a Pupil Teacher. P 85

1911 July 10th Dorothea Ovenden, the pupil Teacher, is absent this week, sitting for her Birmingham Matrix Exam. P 87

1911 July 18th The Pupil Teacher D Ovenden is taking her Birmingham matrix Botany Exam today. P 87

1911 July 29th Dorothea Ovenden , Pupil teacher, has obtained a First Class at the Birmingham Matriculation Exam. And has consequently been awarded a county training Scholarship. Dorothea Ovenden heads the List at the Exam in Religious Knowledge held on July 1st and received book prize value £2. P 89

1911 September 15th The Pupil Teacher Dorothea Ovenden, proceeds to Derby Training College. P 90

1912 January 8th School opened after Christmas Holiday. Dorothea Ovenden on holiday from Derby Training College is assisting with Std iii &iv this week.

1912 July 24th Dorothea on holiday from Derby Training Collage, taught STD, III all day, also on July 25th and 26th. p 105

1913 July 3rd Dorothea Ovenden left Derby Training College, being top of the list in scripture, Vocal and Instrumental Music and Physical Exercises. P 123

1913 September 24th Dorothea Ovenden has passed the Certificate Exam. With Distinction in English, Hygiene, and Music. She also gained the double prize for Divinity, the prize for Instrumental and Vocal Music, and the medal for Physical Exercise. (See Sept 15 1911)

Cannot find Image:PORTRAIT_OF_DOROTHEA.jpg

Dorothea dies in 1946 aged 48.

On Miss Mansell Class Photograph 1898. 1898 Miss Mansell and her class


Fred Ovenden Headmaster Colton school March 7th 1892 to 1915


Fred was born in 1864 in the village of Thornhill, Yorkshire. The 1881 census records Fred living with his parents Martin and Mary Ovenden in Lofthouse, Yorkshire. Fred aged 14 is employed as a Pupil Teacher.

By 1891 Fred has moved to Penrith, Cumberland and is working as an Elementary Teacher. The Colton School Log records that Fred was trained in York Diocesan Training Collage (1883 to 1884) and by 1891 he was the senior assistant in the Penrith Boys’ National School.

Fred takes up his post as Head teacher at Colton United School on March 7th 1892. His wife Ann, also a qualified teacher, helps out in the school when members of staff are absent. In 1894 Fred and Annie’s daughter Dorothea is born followed by a second daughter Mary in 1895 and a son Donald in 1897.




The inspection reports for the school prior to Fred taking over the headship indicate that the inspectors considered it to be a “defective institution”. (log book) Within 3 years the school was “considered to be one of the best in the district, 114 on the roll” (Trust papers)

On May 3rd 1915 there is an entry in the log book by a William Johnson saying that he is “taking charge of this school from to-day and until the new head can commence his duties. Mr Ovenden has been appointed head master of Bushbury Old Council School from 1st May but is unable to leave the village (Colton) on account of illness.


Date of Birth 1885. Parents: Fred and Annie. Fathers occupation: School Master. Brother Donald Sister Dorothea Address Elm Cottage.

Mary Wade was born in 1895 in Colton and by 1901 is a pupil at Colton United School.

The following extract from the school log books give information about her academic achievements.

1911 July 29th Mary Wade is second on the list, her prize being valued at £1:5s (See entry for Dorothea ,Religious Knowledge examination at Birmingham Matriculation Examination) p 88 89

1911 August 24th Mary W Ovenden has passed the Oxford Senior Local. P 89

1912 April 27th Mary Wade Ovenden, Bursar in connection with this school, has obtained a First Class (40) in the Exam. In religious Knowledge held by the National Society. P 99

1912 July 29th Mary Wade Ovenden (Bursar) has passed Birmingham Matrix Exam. P 105

1912 August 1st Mary wade Ovenden commenced duties as Student Teacher. P 106

1912 September 30th the Student Teacher Mary Wade Ovenden attends the Stafford High School today , and will continue to do so all day each Monday during the term of her Studentship, p 107

1913 September 12th Mary Wade Ovenden, Student Teacher left the School. She is proceeding to Derby Training Collage tomorrow. P 127

1913 January 12th Miss MW Ovenden, on vacation from Derby Training College, is assisting during this week.

Mary Wade led a colourful and unconventional life. In 1920 Mary marries William Norman Pett in Kings Norton, Worcestershire. Norman Pett, an artist, made Mary the model for the cartoon character “Jane”. Mary divorced Norman when he starts an affair with a model. It is this model that became the forces sweetheart in the second world war. Mary eventually married her second husband after living with him for decades.




OWEN Oliver William

Died on  ? 1827 Buried on 13-Apr 1927 Age 15 years


Died on 1835 Buried on 23-Dec 1835 Age 5 years


Died on  ? 1835 Buried on 06-Oct 1835 Age 7 years


Died on  ? 1849 Buried on 11-Dec 1849 Age 49 years


Died on 11-Jan 1883 Buried on  ? Age 87 years