Colton Book

Colton – History of a Staffordshire Village

This set of pages enables the recently published book on Colton to be commented upon.

For ease of access it has been split into general comments and a page for each chapter.

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Book General Comments
Book Introduction
Book Chapter 1 Geology and Early History of Colton and its surroundings
Book Chapter 2 Colton in the Anglo Saxon Period
Book Chapter 3 Colton in the Norman Period
Book Chapter 4 Colton in the Medieval Period
Book Chapter 5 Colton in the Tudor Period
Book Chapter 6 Colton in the 17th Century
Book Chapter 7 Colton in the 18th Century
Book Chapter 8 Colton in the 19th Century
Book Chapter 9 The History of Education in Colton
Book Chapter 10 The 20th Century
Book Postscript Significant changes to the village in the early 21st Century
Book Appendix