Book Chapter 10

Book Chapter 10 The 20th Century

ERRATUM, Page 179. The date of the football team photo is 1922 not 1912.
ERRATUM, Page 189. Following the death of Blanch Ravenscroft, Barbara Kendrick took over as Post Woman. Not Rose Deval as written.
ERRATUM, Page 201. This is a photograph of the 1968 Flower Festival not the 1966 one.
MORE INFORMATION REGARDING POST WOMEN. Page 189. Post Office and Post Ladies. Upon Miss Ellen Rotchell’s retirement as post lady, Mrs Gertrude Upton took over the job and not Vera Collins. Gertrude was Claude Upton’s second wife and lived with him at High House. She had a shop in the basement which she would only open if customers climbed the steps and knocked the front door, then she would open up and serve. Vera Collins took over from Gerty (as she was known). I remember she wore dark rimmed glasses and bright red lipstick. Somewhere I may have a newspaper cutting of her which I will let you have if I can find it.From Ruth Williams 5th August 2008.