The Parish War Memorial

The war memorial was purchased by parish contributions. The picture below shows the dedication service which took place on Sunday July 30th 1922 at 3 o’clock. It was unveiled by Mr H. L. Horsfall Esq. If you can add more information please edit this entry or email us with the information and we will enter it for you.

There are two war memorials to the men who lost their lives in World War I. On the west wall of the Church is a brass tablet which gives the names, ranks and regiments of the men. The memorial in the Pinfold bears the names of the W. W. I victims and also the name of a Colton born soldier who lost his life during the last few months of W. W. II.

After the end of W. W. I when the memorial was being planned for the centre of the village various means of fund raising were discussed. However when it was suggested that a dance could be held in the Reading Room the proposal was thought to be unacceptable. It is not difficult to understand why this was so; it was far too emotive a subject with many parents and siblings still mourning a loved one. The memorial tablet in the church was created by Hardman and Powell of Birmingham, the cost borne by the church.

There is no record of the cost of the memorial in the Pinfold or how the funds were raised.

Colton Parish War Memorial

The War Memorial was unveiled by Henry Leeke Horsfall as part of the service held on Sunday 30th July 1922 at 3.00pm. The service was conducted by the Rector (the Rev D.R.S Holmes) and was attended by a large number of the inhabitants as well as many people from surrounding districts, Rugeley Territorial Force had marched through the Parish, four of its members with rifles reversed taking each a corner inside the memorial enclosure.  

It occupies a commanding position in the Pinfold, the land on which it is erected having been presented to the parish by Mr H. L. Horsfall.

The memorial was designed and executed by Messer’s Walker and Son, of Cannock. It is in the form of a Crusader’s Cross of silver – grey Cornish granite, 9ft 6in high standing on a base 5ft by 3ft 6in. On the arms of the cross is carved a cross – hilted sword, signifying sacrifice and service.

A memorial committee was formed which included Messrs Mr E.S. Blore(chairman), A.E. Upton(secretary), T. Godwin, T. Deacon, W.E. Shuttleworth, C. Yates, S. Yates, W. Morrall, G. Mellor, J. Jones, T. Richardson, J. Tooth and G. Middleton.

Mr H. L. Horsfall, who , in the course of his address said everyone had assembled to do honour to the memory of the men of Colton who made the greatest of all sacrifices in the Great War.

He did not think they could have had a more suitable memorial it was most beautiful in its simplicity. He had been connected with Colton for 50 Years, and this day would ever remain in his memory.      


This picture shows the names of those from the parish who fell during the two world wars.


Abbott Leonard Ernest DOB: 1895 Place: Hugglescote,Leicestershire Died: 6 December 1917 Age 22 Place: Cambrai Memorial
Brain Ernest Albert DOB: February 1898 Place: Colton Died: 29 September 1918 Age 20 Place: Bellicourt British Cemetery near St Quentin
Champ John William E DOB: ? Place: Colton Died: 11 October 1918 Age 19 Place: Naves Communal Cemetery extension near Cambrai
Currin Harold DOB: ? Place: Colton Died: 6 November 1915 Age 18 Place: Gallipali
Deacon John DOB: 18/6/1899 Place: Colton Died: 9 November 1918 Age 19 Place: Camps in Cannock Chase, buried in Colton
Devalle George Henry DOB: 23/11/1880 Place: Colton Died: 31 January 1918 Age 38 Place: Aire Communal Cemetery, Pas De Calis
Goodall John Edward DOB: ? Place: Armitage Died: 15 April 1918 Age 27 Place: Lost at sea in Newfoundland convoy
Hill Henry George DOB: February 1888 Place: Colton Died: 11 August 1915 Age 28 Place: Gallipali
Key Thomas DOB: December 1887 Place: Colton Died: 9 November 1916 Age 43 Place: Communal Cemetery extension at Warley-Baillon
Middleton James DOB: ? Place: ? Died: 26 November 1916 Age 21 Place: Commemorated Loos Memorial to the missing
Rowley Albert George DOB: August 1894 Place: Colton Died: 26 April 1918 Age 23 Place: Adelaide Cemetery near Villers-Bretonneux
Rowley Thomas DOB: December 1886 Place: Colton Died: 31 August 1916 Age 28 Place: Commemorated Thiepval Memorial
Robson Frederick DOB: ? Place: 1885 Died: 15 March 1917 Age 32 Place: Adanac Military Cemetery
Talbot Joseph DOB: 1877 Place: Abbots Bromley Died: 25 January 1917 Age 40 Place: Basra memorial(Iraq)
Turner Leonard DOB: ? Place: Fog Cottages, Colton Died: 9 January 1918 Age 19 Place: Kantra Military Cemetery Northern Egypt
Wright William John DOB: July 1898 Place: Colton Died: 2 September 1918 Age 20 Place: Bancourt British Cemetery near Bapaume
Yates William Edgar DOB: December 1897 Place: Colton Died: 30 September 1915 Age 17 Place: No 2 Cemetery la Brique, Ypres


Devalle Harry DOB: ? Place: ? Died: 22 September 1944 Age 29 Place: Mierio War Cemetery

Further information about each may be available under the People section or by clicking on the name above.

The people of Colton in 2008 are fortunate that due to the researches of Squadron Leader R L Stanley MBE and his daughter Mrs Joy Bratherton they are able to know much about these men and their resting places. The Colton History Society gratefully acknowledges these authors and their book “OF THOSE WHO LIE IN FOREIGN FIELDS …” Published by Anne Loader Publications, 13 Vale Road, Hartford, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 1PL. ISBN 1-901253-03-1. The web site can be found here Anne Loader Publications.

These men who fought for their King and Country now have no direct descendants in the Parish but the residents of Colton remember them each year by name on Remembrance Sunday.

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